Our Vision

To be the most trusted innovation partner, helping corporations continuously re-invent themselves to lead in a digital world.

Our Mission

Together with our clients we drive corporate reinvention by transforming the core and innovating new business in a way that is second to none.

Best of both worlds

Hybrid expertise

Strategy to action

Best of both worlds: We strongly believe that the combination of both outperforms each individually

Hybrid expertise: Our team combines a pragmatic entrepreneurial mindset with four critical expertise areas.

Startup & Exploration Experience

We have built our own startups and digital innovations and know what it takes.

Consulting Experience

We have multi-year experience in top-tier management consulting and run a professional process.

Technology & Digitalization Experience

We bring expertise in digital innovation and technology transformation with a track record of successful projects.

Corporate Experience

We know corporates inside-out and work effectively across all management levels.

Strategy to action: We drive corporate reinvention end-to-end to transform the core and innovate new business


We define and implement digital transformation agendas & innovation strategies



We design and build digital labs & intrapreneurship programs



We ideate and build digital innovations & corporate startups



We build and train digital workforce & capabilities


What our clients are saying

Stephan Moltzen

Chief Digital Officer, talanx Bancassurance Deutschland

"Excubate combines industry expertise with digitisation and innovation expertise. We appreciate Excubate's professional, structured and pragmatic approach as well as the impulses it has brought to talanx in the context of its multiple business model developments."

Mirco Pinske

Head of Sales Marketing, Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung GmbH (DEW21)

„Excubate has successfully accompanied us in the development of new innovative business models. The combination of entrepreneurial pragmatism, in-depth innovation know-how and cross-industry experience has massively accelerated the development process."

We believe in 8 paradigms of corporate digital innovation


Digitisation is not a strategy

Strategy involves choice. There is neither a choice about doing digitization or not, nor about its extent. Today, companies only exploit about 20% of the Internet's available potential. You need to manage a phase of professionalism during which it will not suffice anymore to build a few apps to show innovation skill and will.


What got you here won't get you there

Internet technologies redefine industries and replace today's economies of scale with platform economics - no single corporate will manage this transition within their silo. Open up to smart partnering across industries, go beyond a siloed mindset and exploit platform economics.


CEOs are CEOs again

Digitisation is the most significant change since industrialisation. Middle management alone will not solve this with current grass root initiatives. It requires direction and budgets from the top - and CEOs to act like Chief Entrepreneurs again.


Results eat words

Stop talking about digital agendas and actually start implementing a structured approach to digitally transform your business - such as a Startup Campus. Exhibit bias for action versus just wondering and planning.


From steam engine to team engine

There is nothing more crucial to digitisation success than an entrepreneurial-minded team. Build effective teams with internal and external talents and incentivise them differently from today.


There is no silver bullet

Classical innovation approaches will not work anymore. Neither do incubators and accelerators of the past. Take a differentiated perspective on capabilities and strengths and source them best of breed, from the corporate and startup worlds.


Portfolio management is king

Neither Unicorns nor Bunnies will deliver sufficiently on digitisation. Apply a smart funnel and portfolio management with 10-15 corporate startups, aspiring to deliver +1% additional revenue each.


Scaling is the new execution

Don't just focus on exploration execution. Global Scaling is the make-or-break phase for a corporate startup that needs to be managed most carefully and corporate resources need to shift from classical execution to new business scaling.

Our Senior Advisors at Excubate

Dr. Ingo Hofacker

Ingo has 20 years of experience in the tech & telco business. He was member of Bain’s tech practice and he held multiple senior leadership positions with Deutsche Telekom with focus innovation, product management and go-to-market. Beyond his role at Excubate he is founder in stealth mode and occupies various advisor roles to start-ups/PE investors. His academic background is in Economics and Computer Science.

Tom Tischner

Tom has spent 25 years in industrial automation and controls leading $10m-$500m OEMs to achieve their organic growth through a sharp focus on Sales and Marketing, while assisting boards with their acquisition targets. Most recently, Tom helps traditional businesses with their digital transformation and IoT platforms in mechanical engineering and as a public speaker. His formal background is in automotive repair and mechanical engineering.

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst

Dr. Wolfgang Faisst is Co-Founder of ValueWorks and head of the “Business Model Innovations” working group for platform apprentice systems. As one of the leading innovators at SAP, he set up the SAP AppStore and SAP XM and co-initiated S / 4 HANA and the Marketing Cloud. He has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of business model innovation, product strategy, marketing, eCommerce and partner management as well as artificial intelligence and cloud.

Excubate Founders

Dr. Markus Anding

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Having been an Entrepreneur for 20 years while also being grounded in the Management Consulting space with more than 12 years of experience, Markus covers both perspectives, the Corporate and Startup worlds extensively and has hands-on experience in both. He has worked internationally across a broad set of industries and connects the dots between them. With an academic Background in Information Systems and Management, he brings deep understanding of Technologies, Software and Digitisation to solve our clients‘ Digital Innovation challenges.

Tammo Ganders

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Tammo is a passionate innovator for more than 20 years. He managed multiple projects for global leaders across industries helping their top management and teams to build new (digital) businesses „like a startup“. Starting his career as a marketing manager at a leading global logistics provider followed by 15+ years as an experienced management consultant and serial entrepreneur, he knows the strengths and weaknesses of both sides – the startup and corporate world. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer at various universities and management conferences.

Excubate Team Members

Dr. Markus Anding

Co-Founder & Partner

Tammo Ganders

Co-Founder & Partner

Thomas Olbrich (External Expert Partner)


Torsten Wohlrab


Lars Olbrich


Friedrich Schnürer

Project Lead

Lucas Koch

Senior Consultant

Raphael Wischnewsky

Chief Operating Officer Corporate Ventures

Andreas Kallen


Jan Hartung

Project Lead

Martin Greguletz

Senior Venture Architect Corporate Ventures

Kevin Kahleys

Senior Consultant

Theresa Wehmeier

Senior Consultant

Marvin Eberhard

Senior Consultant

Nina Weingarten

Senior Consultant

Fabian Jacobfeuerborn

Senior Consultant

Michael Loy


Julia Gries


Constantin Meyer-Schwickerath


Matthias Morgenstern


Luis Ruppert


Miyuki Egawa


Daniel Rebmann


Noah Schmitz

Associate Consultant

Jan Thoma

Associate Consultant

Christian Bertsche

Associate Consultant

Julia Schmidt

Communication Designer

Antje Seidensticker