Digitalization and disruption require your business to change


Excubate delivers new levels of Corporate Transformation and Innovation in a way that is second to none


We approach transformation and innovation differently


We approach transformation and innovation differently

Strategy to Action: we drive corporate reinvention end-to-end to transform the core and innovate new business

Strategic Reinvention
Core Business Transformation
New Business Innovation

Strategic Reinvention

Digitalisierung, Organisation und neue Technologien verändern das Kundenverhalten und beschleunigen die Art und Weise, wie Werte geschaffen werden. Unternehmen müssen sich ständig neu erfinden und ihre Strategie, Geschäftsmodelle, Organisation, Prozesse und Ressourcen hinterfragen, um relevant und marktfähig zu bleiben.

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Core Business Transformation

Um in der sich schnell verändernden Welt von heute wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, müssen Unternehmen ihre Ausrichtung transformieren. Durch den Einsatz digitaler Technologien und agiler Arbeitsmethoden werden bestehende Geschäftsmodelle verändert und neue Möglichkeiten zur Umsatz- und Wertschöpfung ermöglicht. Wir begleiten Sie durch den Prozess, ein digitales Unternehmen zu werden.

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New Business Innovation

Start-ups stellen Ihr Unternehmen vor Herausforderungen und neue Akteure erschließen Ihre Märkte. Die einzige erfolgreiche Lösung ist die Disruption des eigenen Unternehmens und der ständigen Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle – intern und in Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Branchen. Wir helfen Ihnen, Ihr Geschäftsmodell der Zukunft aufzubauen – auch wenn oder gerade weil es Ihr bestehendes Geschäft kannibalisieren wird.

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Strategic Reinvention

  • Digital Ambition & Strategy Development – Designing a holistic strategy to tackle digital & innovation

    Leveraging our vast experience in top level strategy consulting, we are able to design a comprehensive digital strategy for our customers. After a thorough customer and stakeholder driven analysis we derive concrete focus areas.

  • Digital Portfolio Management – Bringing transparency to digital initiatives

    Our proven portfolio frameworks and indicators for digital initiatives are designed to give stakeholders across all levels - up to top management - the needed level of transparency. Once installed, project management effort will be reduced, decision and iteration cycles get shorter and information gathering will be simplified.

    Check out Excubate’s Digital Value Management including our proprietary SaaS-Tool. The Digital Value Canvas® enables full transparency and effective communication on the value creation for your digital initiatives.

  • Digital & Innovation Culture and Skill Building – Preparing your workforce to innovate

    Building up digital capabilities is key success factor to master corporate reinvention and move towards an ever-learning organization. Our solutions in this field range from agile trainings to digital role identification over intrapreneurship programs to customized coaching workshop deployment. Culture change requires a self-empowering incentivation system as well as community building events.

  • Digital & Innovation Hub Design, Buildup and Operation – Creating your speedboat for corporate innovation

    Bringing in best-of-both worlds experience, we guide your organization to find the right Innovation Hub strategy. After defining individual needs and choosing the right organizational form - ranging from incubators, accelerators to digital units - we kickstart and run the chosen model together with our partners and ensure the needed agility and speed for digital and innovative initiatives.

  • Trend, Technology and Startup Radar – Staying up to date in your industry

    Staying up to date with emerging technologies, upcoming trends and new business models is crucial to staying ahead of the innovation cycle. We provide you thorough analyses in a well-structured and professional format, for all industries and business areas which are relevant for your corporation. As a result of the insights, relevant business model innovation projects can be launched to not only uplift your core business, but also find additional revenue sources.

  • Cross Industry Partnering & Corporate Venturing – Building strong and lasting partnerships to boost your innovation footprint

    To keep up with fast innovation cycles we develop comprehensive cross industry or startup partnering strategies for your company. It is a challenging task to decide whether building, buying or partnering is the best way to embark into new business models. We guide and consult cooperations on this journey. No matter what the final recommendation of those projects is, we are prepared to continue our support by choosing the right partner for an acquisition, developing a partnering strategy and bringing it up and running or building the business independently.

Core Business Transformation

  • Digital Efficiency Optimization – Applying startup-like pragmatism to reach efficiency gains

    Being entrepreneurs at heart, we support corporations finding the right size for organizational structures as well as digital efficiency levers. Based on thorough analyses we rebuild and adapt company structures and processes and transform them into startup-like high performance, agile teams and workflows across all functions.

  • Customer Experience Management – Transforming customer experiences into digital experiences

    Designing appealing and functional customer experiences is crucial to stay relevant for the customer. Startups and Tech giants putting the customer in the center of their operations and experiences which is why customer expectations and requirements in terms of ease-of-use will rise continuously. Based on our cross industry experience we know current design benchmarks and will revolutionize digital experiences your customers will love, leading to increased sales and satisfaction.

  • Digital Product Management – Developing digital products into successful businesses

    Needs of product management changed as digital products emerged in recent years - less marketing focused, rather customer and technology driven. A good Digital Product Manager is able to communicate (with tech and business units, top management and most importantly the customer), data-driven and comfortable in taking decisions in VUCA environments. Our team has broad experiences - from Startup to Silicon Valley company - developing or pivoting existing digital products. That ensures the further development and expansion of existing digital products and underlying business models.

  • Agile Transformation Project Management – Adding startup-like pragmatism to digital transformation

    With our best practice approach for transformation projects, we deliver fast and tangible project outcomes. We join forces with internal project teams and bring our hybrid expertise in agile methodologies and industry knowledge while being output driven and high paced. Specifically designed to deliver guidance and transparency, our own Corporate Transformation Canvas will help to achieve project goals and milestones.

New Business Innovation

  • New Business Ideation & Validation – Building a foundation for new business opportunities

    Innovation starts off with a relevant customer pain and an idea to solve it. Using best practice methods like Design Thinking or Value Proposition Design, we kickstart the idea funnel together with our clients in highly customized and structured workshops. Subsequently, most promising ideas will be validated and transformed into a new business innovation project.

  • Business Model Innovation - Corporate Startup Campus – Building a new Business Model within 36 days

    Build a new business in 36 days: Based on a rough business idea and together with a team of our customers, we engage in intensive validation projects covering all relevant areas of a business model. Using state of the art methodology like Jobs-to-be-done, rapid prototyping, customer experiments and Value Proposition Canvas we are able to define, pivot and validate a business model incl. a working prototype within 8 to 12 weeks. In order to create a startup like spirit within our cross functional teams we highly recommend our customers to deploy their best talents and let them work offsite with full focus on the Corporate Startup Campus goal. Guided by our hybrid coaches, such projects can showcase the cooperation’s innovation potential and act as lighthouse projects for the whole company.

  • 1.0 Market Test & Pilot – Proving business impact of validated business models

    After a successful business model validation, we will continue to support the corporate intrapreneurs while building a first release 1.0 of the business model to be tested at scale in the real market. With our entrepreneurial expertise, hands on know-how and vast network we are able to shorten the way to market and guide the involved team to become entrepreneurs themselves.

  • Company Building - Scale-up Support – Growing businesses and startup teams

    A proven business model and first market success is only a beginning and a transition to the most crucial and challenging part of building a company. Scaling a company not only means scaling revenue, customer base and market or product offering but also scaling processes, technology and team. We support our customer bringing in best practices of diverse scaling projects, experiences of own Startups ensuring maximum speed and the development of a working operating model.