Global Telco Player


  • Analysis of the partnering landscape and identification of key partners
  • Deep dive analysis of status quo with 4 key partners (pain points, involved stakeholders, existing roles and tasks)
  • Definition of roles needed (e.g. Partner Manager, Topic Owner)
  • Initial perspective on future partner management processes

Client & Situation

  • Global leading telco player
  • Multiple partnerships with corporates and startups regarding technologies and innovations
  • Lack of clear partnering strategy and consistent role descriptions
  • Lack of partnering process and guidance for partner development
  • Lack of group-wide communication between all stakeholders

Approach & Excubate Support

  • 3 month project with intense stakeholder involvement
  • 15+ stakeholder interviews, c-level workshop
  • Excubate methodologies used:
    • Agile funnel development
    • Cross-industry benchmark interviews
    • Methods to identify qualified candidates for defined roles (MBTI, analysis entrepreneur type & role, etc.)