Traditional Game Industry


  • Derivation of specific operational measures for all business units in order to achieve digitalization goals
  • Measures based on DIPOC-Model: Decision-making logic – Incentives – Processes – Organizational Design – Capabilities
  • Introduction of digital-steering-committee, digital-working-committee and digital company

Client & Situation

  • Market defining player of the game industry
  • German and international footprint
  • Current management focus: cultural & structural change, digitalization, innovation
  • Digitalization strategy was developed but problems with implementation

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Gap-Analysis of current state and target state

  • Identification and analysis of all relevant business units regarding processes, decision making, skills, incentives and organization
  • Preparation, Implementation and follow-up of workshops with deciders
  • Development of a clear set of measures
  • Action plan and temporal classification within a timeframe of 3-5 years, taking into account the Build-Measure-Learn loop