Traditional Game Industry


  • Support through planned  sequence of several Corporate Startup Campus Projects to achieve 3 goals:
    • Direct employee-development of participating employees
    • Initiation of a new work and company culture
    • Development and validation of innovative products and business models

Client & Situation

  • Market-defining Player of the game industry
  • German and international Footprint
  • Current Management-Focus: cultural and structural change, digitalization as well as innovation
  • Low degree of innovation

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Planning of a succession of different working modes, based on methods and processes of the Corporate Startup Campus in order to test different scopes of application
  • Customization of the Corporate Startup Campus Projects according to the respective project goals
  • Conduction of three Corporate Startup Campus Projects:
    • One complete Campus-Cycle (3 Days per Week, 12 Weeks)
    • To Campus-Cycles „light“ (e.g. 1 Day per Week, 12 Weeks)