G&A rightsizing


  • Identification of greenfield benchmarking G&A level of ~30% of current sizing as future baseline
  • Benchmarking insights and best practices for state-of-the-art HR, finance, legal, compliance, IT and communication functions
  • Definition and alignment of specific improvement levers with management team

Client & Situation

  • Company set up as cost center to provide procurement services to multiple mother companies
  • Grown over a few years, efficiency levers in G&A not sufficiently and stringently applied
  • Given complex setup with multiple locations, countries and complex legal structure, excess cost burden put on G&A, with potential to relief

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Minimum viable G&A benchmarking exercise with startup- and other mid-size comparable companies
  • Detailed understanding of major drivers of complexities for current setup and flexibilities in changing business model setup to allow for lean G&A
  • Analysis of external outsourcing providers, current digital service providers and other companies‘ best practices to understand options for future setup and discuss risks vs. benefits in informed way
  • Deep understanding of internal mechanisms and as-is situation to derive implementable improvement measures beyond just ideal benchmark-based hypotheses