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International Insurance Player


  • Corporate Startup Campus as innovation model to minimize risk of development and validation of business ideas & prototypes in multiple step program
  • Early-on participation of end user in development process
  • Train-the-Trainer-Model and participation of customer side team to help implementing agile methods into corporate culture

Client & Situation

  • International insurance player (Top-3 in Germany)
  • Developing a new and radical business model focusing on customer centricity as an alternative to long, product driven development cycles
  • Implementing agile methods into the company and applying them for other projects

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Development, evaluation und selection of disruptive / radical business models
  • Scouting and building the internal intrapreneur teams complemented by external experts
  • Organize the Excubate Corporate Startup Campus to develop a platform business within 3 months, supported by external cross-industry expertise
  • Validation of multiple business ideas and prototypes through qualitative customer interviews and quantitative market analysis