Global Telco Player


  • Guardrails and strategic guidelines for data usage
  • Deep dive into lighthouse data-driven business model, incl. implementation plan and project team staffing
  • Validation of assumed data business potential based on 10+ client interviews, 130+ survey inputs, workshops (expert WS, internal WS and with potential business partners)

Client & Situation

  • Global leading telco player
  • Multiple big data approaches within business units
  • Lack of clear big data strategy on group level
  • Lack of guidance for data usage + data-driven business models
  • Unclarity of market value of customer data

Approach & Excubate Support

  • 3 month project with intense customer involvement

  • Answering 3 critical questions:
    • What is the data value, which biz models are possible?
    • What are the legal / regulatory requirements?
    • Which organizational and technical enablers are needed?
  • Excubate methodologies used:
    • Agile funnel development
    • Customer journey development
    • Corporate Startup Canvas