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Global Leading Technology Player


  • The Digital Innovation Portfolio organizes the process for every initiative and streamlines the development, which creates transparency on each initiative as well as on business groups or the whole company
  • Applied “sprint logic” to periodically review the status and progress changes the way how project and budget decisions are made
  • Identification of potential new fields of activity and of slow moving initiatives is now easier and in shorter time periods possible

Client & Situation

  • Global leading technology player, >25k employees
  • Multiple new digital product initiatives in different business units need to be managed
  • Activities in the business groups are not transparent enough to effectively steer innovation
  • Slow progress of some initiatives, since there is no effective system to anticipate and facilitate

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Set-up of an Digital Innovation Portfolio that aggregates all information of active initiatives and visualizes the status-quo, health status and progress of each initiative
  • Providing a framework to define a step-by-step progression plan through different innovation phases
  • Establish a vehicle to periodically survey the health status of all initiatives and their progress
  • Hosting workshops to help product owners with implementation of new project management software