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National Special Insurance Player


  • Prioritized set of top needs in customer segment over entire lifecycle
  • Customer validated list of top features for step-by-step roll out
  • New modular service platform is developed and scoped
  • Implementation strategy for value added services into company wide service & product platform is set up
  • Growth marketing & sales strategy including external service partners is defined

Client & Situation

  • National special insurance player (Top-1 solution provider in branch)
  • Corporate wide shift to focus on customer centricity and product innovation to strengthen market position
  • Aim to offer value added services to assist customer segment over entire lifecycle

Approach & Excubate Support

  • 6-Phase approach covering all relevant steps in the first phases of the corporate startup process based on Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodology (problem solution- & product market fit)
  • Early customer integration in development process with intense use of customer insights from qualitative research & prototyping tests
  • Methodical training & process moderation to develop a customercentric business model
  • Excubate team as hybrid coach ensuring progress, quality and feasibility of business model to meet board expectations