International Insurance Player


  • Flexible retirement plan platform with an easy to use customer interface providing the user with a high degree of transparency
  • Opportunity to integrate a variety of service modules from different service partners and switch single modules on and off as needed
  • Integration of AI to provide the user with an automated and customer tailored service offer by interacting with a chatbot

Client & Situation

  • International insurance player (Top-3 in Germany)
  • Sales decline of existing pension products, long innovation cycles and product focussed instead of customer orientation
  • Strong need for a new, customer-centric retirement plan solution
  • Focus on Gen Y target group with a strong demand for digital information & services

Approach & Excubate Support

  • Intense market research with focus on qualitative customer validation, startups, technologies and trends in preparation of ideation session with board members
  • Scouting and building an internal team consisting of entrepreneurs complemented by external experts.
  • Moderation of Excubate Corporate Startup Campus to develop a customer-centric retirement plan solution within 3 months
  • Excubate team as hybrid coach ensuring economics, quality and feasibility of business model to meet board expectations